Wireless Transmission

Eliminate wired systems and take advantage of the surveillance solutions you need with wireless security camera transmission.

Have a temporary job site or a facility in a remote area? Whether running cabling isn’t feasible or cost-effective, Surveillance Secure Colorado has the wireless transmission technology you need for long-range network capabilities.

Our technology still delivers the excellent video quality you need to meet your security objectives without the need for cables. Whether you have temporary or permanent wireless transmission needs, we implement self-sustaining technology to effectively monitor remote locations, multiple job sites, and more.

Benefits of Wireless Transmission for Your Cameras

With our wireless transmission technology, you can remotely monitor and control your surveillance cameras anywhere from up to four miles away. With wireless equipment, you eliminate the need for cabling or trenching for fiber optics, which helps conserve funds while meeting your goals.

You’ll also have more flexibility with your camera placement, since wireless units aren’t bound in place by cables. Our team helps you identify the most advantageous areas for your cameras based on your unique security concerns.

Wireless transmission is also generally easier to install, which translates to a faster setup for you so you can start taking advantage of your security system as soon as possible. Ideal for a range of video surveillance setups, our point-to-point wireless transmission helps you take advantage of wireless transmission technology when you most need it.

Let Us Help You Set up Your Wireless Technology

When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado, we help you overcome your distance challenges yet meet your surveillance requirements with our talent and technology. Get in touch with our professional team today to learn more about how wireless transmission can help you secure cost-effective monitoring options for your site in Denver or Colorado Springs!


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