Thermal Cameras

Quickly identify at-risk individuals and keep your facility safe with thermal imaging technology to meet your security objectives and comply with public health regulations.

Thermal security cameras give you the ability to detect heat sources without the need for proper lighting conditions. While thermal technology can identify overheating machines and potential fire hazards, it’s become an invaluable tool for detecting elevated body temperature, which can identify people who may be sick.

Businesses and facilities operating during the COVID-19 epidemic need to keep employees, customers, residents, and patients safe. At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we implement thermal applications for your surveillance technology to address public health regulations. We provide solutions for elevated body temperature, fire and smoke detection, and perimeter control with thermal cameras.

Thermal Imaging Technology Supports Safety and Efficiency

Thermal cameras allow you to protect your business and streamline your operations. You can configure specific notifications based on elevated body temperature or set temperature limits for machinery within your facility. This way, you keep staff focused on core security efforts while your surveillance system automatically detects temperature and sends immediate notifications.

Thermal imaging technology is also an excellent tool for perimeter security, which can help you detect approaching threats even in the dead of night or less-than-ideal weather conditions. With thermal cameras, you can reduce your reliance on additional pieces of equipment to fully secure your facility.

When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado, we offer dual thermal camera systems. These systems use thermal and optical sensors for high-definition video. You still maintain privacy, but should an emergency occur, you still have a normal video feed to analyze security threats.

Custom Configurations to Benefit Your Particular Concerns

If you’re interested in thermal imaging technology for temperature screening, our team can help your Denver or Colorado Springs business customize alerts based on your specific facility’s needs.

We work with your team to identify the best locations to detect temperature, typically at entry points for people attempting to gain access to your facility. We can incorporate your thermal technology with your access control system to deny entry to anyone who may be at risk and need additional health screening measures.

By taking advantage of thermal cameras to comply with public health measures, you have the ability to:

  • Quickly and accurately screen individuals for entry.
  • Reduce false alarms from heat sources.
  • Configure your alerts to act in real-time to secure your premises.
  • Keep data on temperature to identify patterns or assess risk.
  • Combine your thermal cameras with facial recognition technology and keep records on employees, patients, and residents.

Another benefit of thermal cameras is that they allow you to protect privacy while still safeguarding your facility. For example, in healthcare facilities or long-term care facilities, patients often need a higher level of care, but also need to know that their privacy is respected.

Our team helps you identify the right technology for your needs. With our ongoing support and service, you’ll never be without the knowledge or resources you need to continue to protect your facility with thermal cameras.

How Can We Assist You?

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