Solar Powered

You can still invest in reliable surveillance technology without a reliable power source. Surveillance Secure Colorado offers solar-powered cameras for virtually any environment.

Our solar-powered technology keeps your surveillance cameras running even without a traditional power source in Denver and Colorado Springs. If you don’t have a network for your cameras, we offer remote connection capabilities with turnkey services to meet your security objectives.

For unforgiving environments, remote job sites, or hard-to-reach areas, solar-powered cameras can be an excellent option for security. These areas can range from construction sites to oil and gas pipelines to wildlife and agricultural monitoring, storage areas, and more.

Advantages of Solar-Powered Surveillance Solutions

Since our solar technology can transfer video up to 20 miles, you won’t have to worry about distance being a problem for your surveillance solutions. Why else are solar-powered surveillance cameras a good fit?

  • No worries about power. Solar-powered cameras aren’t affected by power outages or lighting conditions because their backup battery ensures constant coverage of your surveillance area.
  • Adaptable solutions. Without cabling for their power source, solar cameras are easy to install and adaptable as your security needs or your job site changes.
  • Eco-friendly. Solar-powered cameras are an environmentally-friendly option and can result in reduced energy use and potentially cost savings for your business.

Is solar-powered technology right for your surveillance needs? These cameras can benefit a range of applications for improved security. Our team can assess your business’ needs to determine if solar-powered cameras are the best choice for your surveillance areas in Denver and Colorado Springs!

Work With Us for Your Solar Technology

At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we have everything you need to get started with your solar solutions for better security. Our expert team also provides ongoing support plans to ensure your cameras are always operating as intended to prevent interruptions to your monitoring feed. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation for your solar-powered surveillance needs!


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