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Our professional team works with job sites across a variety of locations, so you know that no matter what security you need, we have the technology to make it happen at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

mobile surveillance unitYour temporary job site needs the same security to protect your assets as your permanent commercial location. Monitoring employee behavior, site activity, and preventing theft are all goals we can help you achieve with our mobile cameras for your job site in Denver and Colorado Springs.

We offer remote 24/7 management for your job site with our surveillance technology, which helps you deter criminals and even keep track of job progress. When you leave valuable material and hazardous conditions at a job site day after day, reducing your liability to prevent a disaster is essential.

Innovative Solutions to Overcome Your On-Site Security Challenges

Our team can help you secure your job site whether you’re operating out of a remote location with limited power access or a site with severe weather. With the right technology, you’ll be ready to secure your area in no time—and be ready to move your technology whenever your work is done.

The right surveillance system is a key component in your security strategy. With mobile cameras, you can augment on-site security and support your team in the event of an accident or dispute. You can monitor one or several locations from anywhere you have internet, and with our cost-effective support measures, you’ll never be without the expertise you need.

We offer:

  • Solar-powered cameras that operate with a backup battery
  • PTZ cameras to capture a wide range that would normally take several cameras
  • Wireless transmission so you can cover multiple job sites within an area
  • Thermal cameras to identify persons without proper lighting

Rapid Deployment Surveillance Unit Options: Portable, Durable and Flexible

Box mounted surveillance camera system ColoradoClients have projects which demand surveillance units to be deployed in short order, often in locations with minimal or no local power or infrastructure available. To provide flexible and commercial-grade solutions meet these demands, Surveillance Secure offers our Rapid Deployment surveillance systems, which provides flexible, mobile and remote management and access for a full range of applications, including home building sites, outdoor concerts or parking lots, and other locations with valuable assets needing monitoring.

Contingent upon the project location and available on-site resources, our weatherproof mobile and rapid response surveillance solutions can be locally or solar powered, mobile or fixed installation options, with cellular/5G and wireless access point connected solutions to give clients 24/7 access with alerts and remote monitoring capabilities. We have a robust and tailored solution to meet our clients’ needs.

The security professionals at Surveillance Secure Colorado customize your system based on your unique needs. From construction sites to concert events to law enforcement needs, we have the technology you need to monitor and secure your site.

Need Mobile Job Site Surveillance? We Can Help

When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado, you get access to industry professionals to help you design the most advantageous system for you needs. Contact us today to find out more about our mobile job site surveillance solutions in Denver or Colorado Springs!


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