Explosion Protected

Protect your surveillance technology and reliably maintain your video feed with our explosion-protected equipment for your most challenging commercial settings.

At Surveillance Secure Colorado, our security professionals know better than anyone that not every camera is suited to every environment. When you have a business that needs explosion-protected surveillance equipment, we have you covered.

We’re a full-service electronic commercial security agency that works with you to implement the right system for your needs. Our professionals can fully design, install, and service your setup. Our regular maintenance of your systems ensures your cameras are always functioning correctly to monitor your facility for safety and efficiency.

Our explosion-protected technology helps you protect your surveillance equipment from corrosion or explosion with cameras suited for all locations. With our solutions, you eliminate the need for security to remain on-site in harsh conditions. You can monitor conditions from anywhere with an internet connection with our modern technology.

Integrate Your Explosion-Protected Cameras With Advanced Technology

We offer a variety of analytics and advanced camera solutions to support your security objectives at Surveillance Secure Colorado. Thermal imaging technology can identify overheating components or unusual heat sources in your manufacturing facilities, which can help prevent emergencies and keep employees safe without the need for constant monitoring of your machines.

Our advanced camera analytics also allow you to combine your explosion-protected surveillance technology with intelligent analytics such as facial recognition technology, gunshot detection, character recognition, and more to support your facility’s needs. With the right equipment, you can secure your premises regardless of its conditions.

Our Team Is Here to Help You Find the Right Solutions

No matter what type of facility or environment you need to secure, our explosion-protected cameras support your needs. Our team has the experience and technology you need to personalize a system for your unique environment in Denver or Colorado Springs. Contact us today to find out more about our robust equipment for your surveillance needs!


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