Body Worn Cameras

Prevent altercations, increase compliance, and always have a reliable witness for encounters with body worn cameras from Surveillance Secure Colorado.

When you need to record evidence while security officers or other professionals are on the job, body worn cameras are a worthy investment. Body worn cameras are compact devices that officers can wear to record audio and video of what they see throughout their shift, including interactions with people.

Police officers aren’t the only professionals who can benefit from body worn cameras—security guards, corrections officers, and people working security in public transportation or government facilities can use body worn cameras to capture evidence.

Surveillance Secure Colorado offers body worn cameras from AXIS, which are small enough to avoid hindering people on the job and simple to use. Businesses can manage body worn cameras with their own video management system and can be set up to store video on-site or in the cloud for easy access to footage.

How Body Worn Cameras Can Increase Security

Having on-site security personnel at your business, or government facilities such as police departments and detention centers, is often necessary and beneficial. Body worn cameras amplify the effect of that on-site security by:

  • Encouraging better behavior. Officers who know they are being recorded are more motivated to follow proper protocol when handling incidents. People who wear cameras on their person while doing a job often report a reduced number of incidents.
  • Increasing peace of mind. People who interact with public officials and know they are being recorded during the conversation feel safer knowing the event is being captured on camera. They are also more likely to avoid criminal activity when they know there is another witness besides the officer.
  • Recording evidence. Since body worn cameras capture high-quality audio and video, the footage can be used as evidence in court. Agencies will have invaluable proof that may not otherwise have been captured.
  • Improving training efforts. Agencies can also use footage from body cameras to train new personnel with real-life interactions, as well as for investigations when evaluating the behavior of the person wearing the camera and the person or persons being captured on camera.

AXIS Body Worn Camera Features

Body worn camera technology from AXIS is designed to reduce background noise with dual microphones. Background noise is a common issue with body worn cameras, especially for professionals such as police officers who are often outdoors or close to traffic. 

When fully charged, AXIS body worn cameras offer 12 hours of battery life, which can support security professionals or police officers when working longer shifts.

AXIS also offers access to their free mobile app with body worn devices. In the app, professionals can access recordings from the camera, view footage live to help professionals ensure the camera is in the proper position, and access to instructions on how to work the camera.

Let Us Help You Implement Body Worn Technology

body worn camerasBody worn cameras are becoming the standard for professionals who deal with altercations and criminal activity on a daily basis. For enhanced accountability, documentation, and safety, body worn cameras are an invaluable asset. Contact our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado today to learn more about this technology for your applications at (719) 308-5270.


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