Security Regulations for the Colorado Cannabis Industry

Surveillance Secure Colorado helps you navigate the challenges of securing your cannabis business in Colorado with leading-edge technology and expertise.

Colorado cannabis operators are required by state law to comply with surveillance and access control regulations for their product. In fact, cannabis businesses are required to have a fully functioning surveillance system in place to meet compliance prior to opening their business [1]. Here’s what you need to know about cannabis security regulations in the state of Colorado (Updated in 2022).

Surveillance System Requirements

Your surveillance system for your cannabis business must have cameras that are capable of identifying activity within 20 feet with clarity. This means your cameras should have a high enough resolution to identify employees and customers at this distance [2].

Cannabis retailers are also required to have dedicated point-of-sale (POS) transaction monitoring as part of their surveillance system for all points of sale.

Surveillance cameras are also required for all points of entry and exit in a cannabis facility.

You must also retain video footage for a minimum of 40 days, and it must be easily accessible for review during this time. Your surveillance system also needs to have a failure notification mechanism that notifies your team of any issue that could prevent disruption to your video feed.

Restrictions for Limited Access Areas

In areas where access is controlled—including areas where cannabis is grown, stored, handled, packaged, or transferred—the state of Colorado has specific requirements for people entering these areas.

People who enter limited access areas must have visitor identification and be escorted at all times. Your business must also maintain a log of visitor activity for these restricted access areas.

Reliable surveillance is also required for limited access areas 24/7. Motion detection cameras for these areas is acceptable as long as the technology is dependable.

Ensuring Compliance

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