Audio and Video Recording Laws in Colorado

Ensure your surveillance technology complies with state law for audio and video recording in the state of Colorado.

Complying with state law is essential for audio and video surveillance, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Colorado has specific regulations in place governing the use of both audio recording and video surveillance for homeowners and business owners (Updated in 2022). Failure to comply with these laws is punishable by both fines and jail time.

Colorado Audio Recording Laws

In Colorado, it’s illegal to record a private conversation of which you are not a participant. Colorado is a one-party consent state, meaning at least one person in the conversation must consent to the recording in order for it to be legal.

To legally record a conversation of which you’re not a participant, you must have permission prior to recording audio.

However, the exception to this rule is if people are having a conversation in a public place. Here, people can’t expect to have privacy, and so it is legal to record audio without permission.

You also cannot record conversations—whether public or private—with criminal intent in the state of Colorado [1].

In cases such as business calls, there may be a recording that says “this phone call may be recorded for quality and training purposes”, in which case, if you continue with the phone call, consent for audio recording is implied.

Colorado Video Surveillance Regulations

Video recording laws in Colorado stipulate that you cannot record a person’s private parts without their consent in situations where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as a bathroom or dressing room [2].

While it’s generally legal to conduct video surveillance on a public or private property in the state of Colorado, you cannot have video surveillance in places where people expect privacy—this is true whether the surveillance is taking place in your home or your business.

Is Your Surveillance Legal?

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