Why Businesses Should Consider Upgrading to a Cloud-Based Security Solution

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Cloud-based security offers many benefits over on-premises solutions. Using a cloud-based server instead of an on-site one can help you protect sensitive data and make it easier for your organization to stay in compliance.

For businesses that want a more efficient network, cloud solutions provide security without the extra effort and expense of having on-site hardware they have to secure and maintain. Why else should companies consider upgrading to a cloud-based security solution?

Faster Deployment

Upgrading to the cloud allows you to have a faster deployment time for your electronic security solutions. As a result, your new network installation can cost less and you can get started with your new system faster.

You also won’t have significant disruption to your business operations since there is minimal on-site hardware to install. These faster deployments are especially beneficial for businesses that need to rapidly expand or upgrade their security to keep up with compliance mandates and manage threats [1].

Cost-Effective Scalability

The cloud allows businesses to increase their security, whether they need to add more cameras or doors to their surveillance or access control systems or increase the video storage they need, with minimal changes to any on-site hardware.

Scalability of this nature isn’t as straightforward with on-premises servers and can often result in higher costs for labor and equipment to accommodate changes. With cloud-based solutions, businesses have a cost-effective way to augment their electronic security systems or scale back as demand requires [2].

Remote Access and Management

When utilizing cloud-based security solutions, it’s easier than ever for businesses to take advantage of remote access and management with their systems.

In today’s versatile business environment, being able to access surveillance and access control data in real-time can help professionals verify threats or even change permissions and settings without being on-site [3].

The result is streamlined security management that can help mitigate threats in real-time, providing a safer work environment for employees, a more robust security solution for residents or students, and a more confident shopping experience for customers.

Easy Updates and Backups

Updates and backups are integral to any security plan involving data, and cloud-based security solutions make these essential processes simple.

Since everything is stored on the cloud, businesses aren’t at risk of losing their most recent data the way they would be if they exclusively had on-premises servers [4]. Companies can also schedule updates and backups to occur automatically, reducing the amount of time employees need to spend on such tasks.

Regular updates can also lower the risk of a cyberattack for businesses. However, in the event that data becomes compromised, companies can have more peace of mind knowing a secure backup exists on the cloud.

Have You Upgraded to the Cloud Yet?

Whether you have an on-premises security model or a hybrid solution, cloud-based systems provide unparalleled benefits for businesses today. Curious about what cloud can do for your electronic security solutions? Contact Surveillance Secure Colorado today to learn more at 877.388.1248.



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