How Electronic Access Control Systems Can Facilitate Touchless Commercial Door Solutions

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If you already have an electronic access control system in place for your business, you’re familiar with the benefits of controlling access to your facility. However, companies with this technology in place can take their access control a step further to support touchless commercial door solutions.

The pandemic has changed the way people access facilities. No longer do manually operated doors and keypads feel safe. Even with continuous disinfecting efforts, there’s no way to eliminate the buildup of germs on a manual door and a conventional keypad.

Fortunately, by upgrading to touchless access control—along with electronic commercial door solutions—you can eliminate the need for people to touch access control keypads and doors to enter your facility.

Combine Touchless Access Control With Automatic Doors

You have several options for touchless access control. You can upgrade your access control based on your unique security profile and business requirements. Touchless access control can include facial recognition technology, Bluetooth, biometric solutions such as iris scans, and key fobs.

Combine electronic access control with automatic commercial doors and you have a touch-free way for people to enter and exit your building. When exiting, people don’t need to touch the door—they can use a gesture to initiate door opening or even a voice command [1].

Automatic doors come in a variety of configurations for you to customize for your facility along with your access control methods. You have the option of using a single method of touch-free access control or a combination of methods for enhanced security.

Better Manage Visitors and Trends

automatic doorsWhen upgrading your access control and door systems for better efficiency and reduced spreading of germs, you also have the opportunity to implement people counting analytics. These analytics can be integrated with surveillance cameras at your entry and exit points to automatically count how many people are coming and going at all times [2].

People counting analytics give you more insight and control into your building’s capacity. Having this insight is particularly advantageous during a public health crisis and during more crowded times of the day or year when an increase in customers may require additional staffing and cleaning efforts.

However, people counting analytics can also be used to enhance the design of your entry and exit points based on visitor trends, and can provide invaluable information when upgrading your door and access control systems.

Maximize Disinfecting Efforts

automatic doorsTouchless access control and electronic door systems allow your business to maximize its disinfecting efforts. The more a particular door is used, the more it’s contaminated with bacteria that could spread illness [3]. By implementing touch-free solutions, you can dramatically reduce the buildup of germs in these high-traffic areas and keep both staff and visitors safer.

Electronic door and touch-free access control upgrades also give your staff more time to focus their cleaning efforts in areas where these solutions can’t help reduce the spread of germs. The result is that your facility is cleaner, safer, and your staff has more time to focus on their core responsibilities.

Have You Upgraded Your Access Control and Door System?

If you have an automatic door and access control system in place but both require some form of contact for entry, Surveillance Secure Colorado can help you upgrade your systems for a safer and more efficient workplace. Contact our commercial security professionals at 877.388.1248 to schedule a consultation today!






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