How Cloud-Based Security Systems Have Fueled Growth in Remote Management


Surveillance systems are no longer used just to review evidence after a crime. They’ve transformed from a reactive technology to a proactive one with automated processes such as intelligent video analytics and real-time notifications [1].

Today, cloud-based security systems make it possible for business owners to be proactive about safety, track inventory, improve their marketing efforts, and much more.

In the wake of our global pandemic, cloud-based systems have also fueled growth in remote management. With cloud-based security, business owners have the ability to remotely monitor and manage their feed, and even adjust cameras without being on-site.

Here’s how cloud-based systems make remote management convenient for businesses in all industries.

Cloud Solutions Simplify Remote Management Processes

Unlike hardware, cloud-based solutions make integrating technologies into your security system easier. With open-architecture software, it’s easier to combine technologies to work together and then manage them from a single platform or device.

These systems include surveillance and access control systems where users can see everything—and make changes as needed—from one dashboard. In the past with older systems, people had to log into each separate system to make changes. Now, business owners can have a simplified solution for remote management with cloud-based architecture.

Cloud-based security systems also enable business owners to access their dashboard from any location with a secure internet connection. With everything they need at their fingertips, business owners and managers can remotely manage their systems and update them in real-time without needing to be on-site.

Virtual Platforms Make It Easy to Customize and Scale Security Setups

In modern security systems, being able to adapt to changing circumstances is more important than ever. Cloud-based systems deliver with scalable, customizable solutions that are also affordable [2].

Being able to integrate third-party applications to customize an organization’s approach to security can help save money from on-site labor and hardware costs. It also makes it easy to deploy apps and make changes remotely, including updates for security purposes.

Cloud-based security systems also make it simple for businesses to adjust cloud storage as necessary without adjustments to on-site hardware. As company or industry compliance requirements change, businesses can easily increase their video storage or scale back as necessary, all via remote management.

Additional Benefits Cloud-Based Systems Offer for On-the-Go Management

Busy professionals need more flexibility than ever in the modern workplace, especially with many offices adopting a hybrid setup for their work environment, and cloud-based systems deliver with remote management.

Remote management allows people to securely store, access, and manage video footage in the cloud. You can even share or download video footage remotely. Without the need for extensive hardware, businesses have an affordable, secure, and convenient way to monitor their properties.

With 24/7 access to live or stored footage, managers no longer have to be on-site to monitor events and confirm threats [3]. Video analytics and touchless access control solutions can also be integrated with cloud-based systems to offer a truly convenient approach to security management.

Has Your Business Invested in a Cloud-Based System Yet?

It’s time to stop wasting time and effort switching back and forth between platforms to manage separate systems. Cloud-based security solutions support convenient and efficient remote management for businesses in many different industries. Contact Surveillance Secure Colorado today to learn more about how we can help you implement the most beneficial cloud-based solutions for your business at 877.388.1248!




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