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What does your Lakewood business need for an effective commercial security system? Of course, you want a way to monitor your employees, protect your team, and have evidence should an incident occur. But what if you could implement a surveillance system that was more than just surveillance?

Surveillance Secure Colorado works with businesses in the Lakewood area to develop security systems that meet your business’ goals and prevent incidents. Whether you’re interested in intelligent video analytics to deter theft or need a way to better secure your perimeter, we help you leverage modern technology to make the most of your commercial security system.

Door Access Control Systems to Enhance Security

Access control plays an instrumental role in keeping your business safe from unauthorized visitors. We offer a variety of access control systems including keyless entry systems to suit your particular needs.

Our commercial key fob door entry systems make sense for some businesses, but others want a touch-free way for people to enter the building. Bluetooth programs allow your staff and residents entry with a simple scan of their smartphone, while biometric access control systems can use facial recognition technology to authorize access.

We thoroughly evaluate your Lakewood facility and listen to your wants and needs to customize the right access control system for you. Whether you want a singular method of entry or a combination of methods, our professionals design a system to keep your premises secure and functional.

Business Security Cameras and Analytics to Protect Your Assets

Commercial security cameras are invaluable tools for monitoring your business in Lakewood—but with the right technology, you can make your cameras even more of an asset to your company’s security.

Not only do we offer a complete range of cameras to suit your particular business environment, including solar-powered cameras, mobile, thermal, covert, and explosion-protected, but we also feature intelligent video analytics to make your technology that much more impactful.

With video analytics, you can stop viewing incidents after the fact and instead be immediately alerted to suspicious behavior, flagged license plates, smoke, and gunshots. Our software integrates directly into your cameras with the ability to personalize alerts based on specific actions. This means your team is notified faster in a developing situation—giving you the opportunity to prevent a crisis.

Find Out More With a Consultation

Surveillance Secure Colorado is your partner in commercial security. We handle your surveillance camera installation, access control installation, and provide ongoing support to fully maintain your system. Learn more about how our technology can support your business objectives in Lakewood by scheduling a consultation with our team today!


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