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Commercial Surveillance Cameras & Access Control Systems Serving Fort Collins

Commercial security systems are a must for businesses in Fort Collins. Companies can’t afford to lack insight into their operations or fail to provide reassurance to their employees and customers with surveillance cameras and access control.

Getting the right commercial security system won’t be a loss—it’s an investment that’ll protect your future success. Our sustainable business security systems support your objectives, allowing you to address your specific concerns and grow or scale back as needed.

At Surveillance Secure Colorado, our professionals know that commercial security systems do more than monitor your premises. They can identify areas for improvement within your business, enforce social distancing practices, and keep unauthorized visitors out.

Keyless Entry Systems for Businesses

Employees, residents, and contractors need a way to easily access your facility. Yet, you can’t afford to leave your doors open without some type of security or screening process, especially if you remain open 24/7.

A keyless entry system could be the solution. We offer access control measures such as Bluetooth, keycard, key fob, and biometric methods such as facial recognition or fingerprint scans. With our systems, you can reduce reliance on staff effort and have a dependable system for automatically keeping track of those who enter and exit the building.

Surveillance Secure Colorado works with you to identify the best keyless entry system for your business, whether you’re interested in Bluetooth solutions or need a combination of methods for advanced security in Fort Collins.

Analytics Enhance Your Commercial Security Cameras

You can maximize the impact of your surveillance system by taking advantage of intelligent video analytics. From fire and smoke detection to catch a potential fire before it has a chance to destroy your assets to license plate recognition for your parking garages, video analytics make your security cameras even more beneficial.

If you have a retail business in Fort Collins, we offer point-of-sale (POS) transaction monitoring systems to help reduce customer disputes and maintain employee integrity. Whether you have a religious institution, cannabis facility, or a government building, we can implement facial recognition, suspicious behavior, gunshot detection, and traffic analytics to support your business goals and keep everyone safe.

Get Comprehensive Surveillance Solutions for Your Business

At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we don’t just handle your business security cameras—we’re a full-service commercial security agency that offers video storage, ongoing support, 24/7 monitoring solutions, and much more. Find out how we can help your business in Fort Collins with the right surveillance solutions today by contacting us!


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