Vehicle Security

We provide GPS tracking and interior and exterior surveillance for your commercial vehicles, holding your employees accountable and protecting your investment.

Your commercial vehicles are not only company property, but play a vital role in the transportation of cargo and equipment. Operation of these vehicles is a direct reflection on your employees and your company.

At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we help you securely track your vehicle fleets to resolve customer disputes about service calls, deliveries, or even accidents, as well as hold employees accountable for their behavior on the road.

Get Notified in Real-Time of Vehicle Incidents

Our tracking technology notifies you in real-time of driver location, vehicle activity, or behavior of concern such as speeding. You’ll also be notified if one of your vehicles is operated outside of normal business hours, and get an accurate location on the activity.

We provide both interior and exterior cameras that can accommodate low-lighting situations such as nighttime surveillance. Vehicle surveillance can discourage drivers from being distracted on the road or engaging in reckless driving.

Improved Efficiency and Customer Service

Vehicle surveillance also supports your business operations. With our solutions, you won’t need to keep contacting your drivers to ask where they are or if they’ve completed a service call or job yet. You can simply find out through GPS tracking.

You can also let customers know when to expect your team for service calls, pickups, and deliveries with accurate timing. Your staff will be fully informed about the whereabouts of your drivers, ensuring effective communication and streamlined customer service for your business.

Paperwork is also more convenient with vehicle surveillance. Your staff can easily track mileage and length of time at a job for accurate customer billing via GPS data, so no need to confer with the drivers or require them to fill out paperwork, which saves time and hassle!

Respond Faster to Emergencies

If one of your employees is involved in an accident or another incident, you can simply track the vehicle to determine their last known location. And, should one of your vehicles be stolen, you can also work with police to recover the vehicle with your tracking information. GPS tracking helps reduce your liability, which could potentially lower your insurance premium costs.

Contact Us to Discover More About Vehicle Security Solutions

Keeping your commercial vehicles protected can help you protect your assets from all angles, from your employees to your inventory to your customers. Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado can help your commercial business in Denver or Colorado Springs to discover the benefits of vehicle security. Contact us today to find out more about our surveillance solutions!


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