Service & Support

You can count on our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado to be there for all your electronic security service and support needs in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Our support plans are designed to help maximize the benefits of your security system. We’re not a company that installs your surveillance technology and then leaves. Our team is dedicated to a long-term partnership to fully support your surveillance needs as your business grows and changes.

We help you improve your business operations efficiency, keep your technology operating costs low, reduce your liability, and have the surveillance you need to protect your people and your assets. Our team understands that your surveillance technology needs the right support to operate at its best, which is why we include service and support as part of our surveillance packages.

Monthly Service Plans to Keep Your Technology Performing Optimally

Our monthly service plans maintain your technology and keep your system operating as it should. You won’t have to worry about all the details that keep your surveillance system running—we’re here to handle your needs and ensure your security system is doing its job.

Our service plans include:

  • Monthly system checks. We ensure your system is free of errors and fully updated every month. Our regular maintenance prevents your surveillance from experiencing interruptions and keeps it fully operational.
  • Equipment replacement. Should a security camera break and isn’t able to be repaired, we replace it at no charge to you. Whether we notice an issue during our review or you have a problem between our visits, you can count on us to keep your system running!
  • System updates. Our team completes any manufacturer updates to resolve issues and prevent security concerns. Upgrading your system as recommended by the manufacturer can keep your system running smoothly.
  • Service calls. While some of our support can be completed remotely, our technicians will come out to fix issues that need on-site repairs or attention within 24 hours to ensure your system is good as new.

No matter what your surveillance system needs, we’re here to help you fully maintain your technology and keep your facility secure at Surveillance Secure Colorado!

You Can Depend on Our Team!

Your surveillance system is only as good as how well it works. When you work with our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado, we’re here to support you with everything from your initial design and installation to your ongoing service needs. Contact us today to begin your risk assessment and discover how much safer and effective your business can be in Denver or Colorado Springs!


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