Public Health Solutions

Keep your business, employees, and customers safe from public health threats with advanced technology from our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

As healthcare threats grow and businesses struggle to keep employees and clients safe, technology has emerged as a central player in protecting your facility. Our electronic security technology, including thermal cameras, can help with current and future health risks and meet modern challenges.

We also deliver touchless access control and video analytics to ensure compliance with public health recommendations and to protect your property. Whether you own a healthcare practice in Denver or a manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs, we help you implement the most advantageous solutions for your needs.

Thermal Imaging to Identify Abnormal Body Temperature

Having a way to screen individuals who may be at risk for illnesses such as COVID-19 is possible with thermal technology. Have better control over your facility and offer screening to people who may be exhibiting a fever based on touchless temperature readings.

The scans are quick, non-invasive, and accurate within .05 Celsius. Meeting current health and safety challenges with COVID and adapting as regulations change is essential, and thermal surveillance can help you meet your evolving goals.

Touchless Access Control Solutions

Before, keypads or dial-in systems that required touching or close contact didn’t seem like a big deal. But now, public health challenges have made it apparent that touchless access control solutions are necessary to help prevent the spread of germs.

At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we offer a wide variety of solutions for touch-free access control, including Bluetooth, biometric, and keycards and fobs. Often, businesses won’t have to completely replace their technology, just update it to take advantage of these solutions.

We also provide touch-free entry with automatic door openers, which can also limit the spread of germs. Touch-free door opening systems means fewer areas where people attempting entry can spread germs, whether they’re employees, visitors, or patients.

Intelligent Analytics to Enforce Public Health and Safety

Surveillance analytics also provide avenues for you to effectively monitor your facility and identify areas where violations occur and put people at risk. Our video analytics can support:

  • Public health solutionsSocial distancing practices. Identify the number of people in an area and set parameters to determine if there are too many people congregating. You can configure your system to notify you when social distancing violations occur instead of having staff permanently watching a particular area.
  • Detection of surging traffic. Monitor your parking lots for excessive traffic to be proactive about too many people entering your facility at once. With our analytics, you can also identify trends and operate accordingly to prevent unnecessary health exposure risks.
  • Efficient cleaning solutions. Identify the best and most essential times to sanitize specific areas of your facility with count-based alerts depending on how many people have used a specific area, conserving your resources for when they matter most.

Let us help you discover how much of a difference touchless access control, thermal imaging, and the right analytics can make for supporting your business during public health crises such as the one we’re continuing to face with COVID-19.

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