Cloud Storage for Security Systems

Get secure and scalable storage for your surveillance footage, all with remote access and lower equipment costs with cloud storage from us at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

Being able to access your surveillance footage anywhere with an internet connection is highly convenient. With cloud storage, you not only have remote management capabilities, but can get notifications to your mobile device and watch your footage in real-time.

With our secure cloud-based camera solutions, your reduce your reliance on hardware and, without physical on-site storage, increase security. Your video data will be surely stored even should something happen to your facility, giving you a secure, convenient way to access your surveillance technology.

Technology to Grow With You

Your business’ surveillance needs are ever-changing. As your company grows, you need adaptable storage solutions without having to invest in new technology. With cloud-based options from our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado, you’re able to expand or reduce your stored video as necessary, all without having to adapt your physical technology.

Cloud solutions are a convenient and secure way to take advantage of flexible surveillance management and reduce the need for personnel to remain on-site—an essential advantage in our current health epidemic and as we continue to navigate the commercial business world post COVID-19.

On-the-Go Management for Your Convenience

With cloud solutions, not only can you access footage securely from anywhere, but you can also download video, manage an integrated access control system, and even disarm key cards. You’re also able to manage authorized users of your system with the touch of a button.

For today’s professionals that are often on-the-go, you can still actively manage your security and stay on top of events with cloud-based solutions. Business owners love the adaptability that the cloud provides, which is essential for cost-effective security solutions for modern organizations.

Let’s Talk About How Cloud Solutions Can Benefit Your Security

Are cloud solutions right for your surveillance needs? Schedule a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado to learn more about how cloud technology can benefit your particular electronic commercial security needs!


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