Networked Audio

Need audio in addition to your video surveillance? We design and fully integrate audio into your existing system or to complement your new system for full functionality.

Audio combined with video surveillance gives you the flexibility to communicate in real-time. You can issue recorded prompts, speak live, or make emergency announcements. No matter what your audio networking needs are in Denver or Colorado Springs, you can count on our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado to securely install your system.

Configure Your Audio System Based on Security Alerts

With combined audio and video surveillance, you can configure your systems to trigger prerecorded announcements if an alarm has been triggered. This helps you save precious seconds in an emergency and alert your team to any danger so they can vacate the premises or follow emergency protocol.

You can also communicate effectively to your entire team no matter where they’re at within your facility. We can network audio to your entire building and work with you to configure your system to issue universal alerts or alerts specific to particular areas.

User-Friendly Technology for Your Convenience

Our team professionally installs and integrates your systems and fully networks your audio. Our contemporary technology is easy to use and maintain, whether you’d like to schedule announcements on certain days, or need to update recordings and live speaking capabilities as your facility grows.

You also have the ability to play music through your audio networks, and should a crisis ever occur or a prerecorded announcement be scheduled, the music will temporarily stop so people can clearly hear the prompt or alert for safety reasons.

Our networked audio technology can also incorporate tones that can be used for:

  • School class changes
  • Paging workers
  • Shift changes
  • Activity changes at recreation or senior centers

Our multi-purpose technology helps meet your needs both now and in the future, and with our support services, you’ll always have the help you need to properly maintain and operate your audio system.

Learn More About Our Audio Technology

If you’re considering audio technology for your commercial business in Denver or Colorado Springs, let’s discover how the right audio solutions can benefit your facility. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Colorado today!


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