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Why Businesses Should Consider Upgrading to a Cloud-Based Security Solution

Cloud-based security offers many benefits over on-premises solutions. Using a cloud-based server instead of an on-site one can help you protect sensitive data and make it easier for your organization to stay in compliance. For businesses that want a more efficient network, cloud solutions provide security without the extra effort and expense of having on-site […]

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How Electronic Access Control Systems Can Facilitate Touchless Commercial Door Solutions

If you already have an electronic access control system in place for your business, you’re familiar with the benefits of controlling access to your facility. However, companies with this technology in place can take their access control a step further to support touchless commercial door solutions. The pandemic has changed the way people access facilities. […]

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How Cloud-Based Security Systems Have Fueled Growth in Remote Management

Surveillance systems are no longer used just to review evidence after a crime. They’ve transformed from a reactive technology to a proactive one with automated processes such as intelligent video analytics and real-time notifications [1]. Today, cloud-based security systems make it possible for business owners to be proactive about safety, track inventory, improve their marketing […]

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The Role That Surveillance Systems Can Play in an Increasingly Automated Retail Environment

Retail environments have continued to evolve to support better customer experiences and lower operating costs. But the pandemic forced retailers to take an even closer look at the experience customers want, especially regarding safety and efficiency when shopping. Surveillance systems have played a significant part in the way that customers and retailers interact. That trend […]

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How Security Systems Can Be Leveraged by Businesses as Employees Go Back to the Office

As people continue to go back to work, employers have the opportunity to capitalize on their security systems to support a safe return for employees. Technology plays a vital role in supporting best practices at work as we continue to navigate a post-COVID world. New safety procedures for office and other work environments need to […]

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