Surveillance Secure Colorado services clients in a diverse range of industries, and here we highlight client case studies demonstrating the electronic security systems we delivered for their respective projects.

networked audio

Understanding How Audio Adds Value to Commercial Surveillance Video Systems

Surveillance Secure Colorado works with clients to leverage the power of audio for commercial surveillance systems. Audio capabilities are automatically built into the cameras our team installs, which provides ease of installation and lowers deployment costs. Audio supports surveillance objectives in a few ways. Not only does it provide context for video, but it also […]

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PTZ cameras in Denver

Surveillance Secure Colorado Helps Construction Sites & Lumber Yards With Electronic Security Solutions

Prices in materials such as lumber, metal, and other commodities have increased as the global economy changes, resulting in an increase in theft for companies that handle these materials. These include companies such as construction businesses, lumber yards, and scrap recycling centers. Surveillance Secure Colorado works with local clients who require flexible, reliable surveillance technologies […]

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Body-Worn Security Cameras Enable Signal 88 Customer to Capture Evidence and Deter Bad Behavior

Surveillance Secure Colorado recently worked with Signal 88 Security, a security services provider in South Colorado Springs, to implement body-worn camera technology with AXIS solutions for their security guards. The client needed proof of security events to send to police. By implementing body-worn camera technology, the company’s security guards are now able to turn on […]

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mail room

Surveillance Cameras Monitoring Deter Mail Room Vandalism for Denver Apartment Building

A client in Denver who was having security issues with the mailroom in their apartment building came to Surveillance Secure Colorado for help with installing surveillance cameras. The mailrooms and mailboxes at this apartment complex were being broken into, and the apartment building had such a setup that when you break into the main mailbox, […]

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