Upgraded Surveillance System in Response to Catalytic Converter Thefts

PTZ cameras in Denver

A car dealership in Colorado enlisted the help of Surveillance Secure Colorado after experiencing theft of catalytic converters. The metals in these converters is worth a lot of money on the black market, and thefts have skyrocketed since 2020.

The client needed an expanded surveillance camera system to conduct 24/7 surveillance on a wider area of vehicles in their lot. Previously, the client was concerned with cars being stolen and driven off the lot, so their legacy system mainly monitored the entry and exit points.

However, with the recent explosion in catalytic converter theft, the client needed a better surveillance solution to monitor their lot. Surveillance Secure Colorado was able to expand the client’s camera system with 10 point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and fixed cameras to monitor the full lot. The cameras record high-definition video even over long distances.

Surveillance Secure also proposed a mobile trailer surveillance unit, which would cover areas not easily seen by fixed cameras in addition to providing a visual deterrent. 

The cameras the Surveillance Secure team installed were also compatible with line crossing analytics. These are analytics that allow the camera to respond to a virtual perimeter according to a timed schedule so the client could be alerted to any events happening during off-hours.

Additionally, the system can also issue audio warnings, which are automatically triggered by the cameras during off-hours to deter theft and announce warnings to trespassers, such as that security is on its way and that the offenders are being recorded.

The client was ultimately very satisfied with the new setup and hopes to dramatically reduce their theft issue with their upgraded system.

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