Business Electronic Security Systems for Brighton

It doesn’t matter if you own a small business or a large company: security is a must. Consistent monitoring doesn’t just make sense for agencies that are open 24/7. All types of enterprises can benefit from having surveillance to protect their assets and keep employees safe.

Running a business is stressful, and having to hire full-time physical security for your building can not only get expensive, but exposes your security to human error. Instead, you can invest in a contemporary, discreet, and reliable system with our professionals at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

We work with businesses in all industries in Brighton from school campuses to recreational parks and government agencies to implement the commercial security systems they need for safety and efficiency.

Perimeter and Access Control System Solutions

Our access control solutions range from simple commercial key fob door entry systems to biometric facial recognition technology. We customize your access control methods based on your particular facility’s needs.

If you’re a business that stays open 24/7 or one that operates after hours, perimeter control technology can be immensely helpful. Our infrared technology works in poor lighting, allowing you to see threats before they have a chance to get too close.

You can combine your access control technology to include two or more authorization methods, such as combining a keycard system with facial recognition analytics. Or, utilize Bluetooth access control for a touchless means of entry.

No matter what your concerns are, we work with you to implement the best access control system for your Brighton facility.

Commercial Security Systems to Meet Your Needs

Whether your business operates in a remote location or a sensitive environment, we have the business security cameras you need. From solar solutions to thermal imaging, we help you create a cost-effective, scalable system that meets your objectives.

The best part is that Surveillance Secure Colorado will be there to support you. We don’t just handle your surveillance camera installation and then leave—we’re there to address any issues as time goes on. From monthly check-ins to in-person service calls, you can depend on our local team in Brighton.

We also offer 24/7 professional monitoring solutions for your security cameras if you don’t have the resources to have your security feed monitored around the clock. Let us keep an expert set of eyes on your feed every minute, allowing you to focus on your business while we effectively monitor your premises.

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