Designing & Installing Commercial Security Systems in Boulder

Whether you have a museum, park, religious institution, or retail location in Boulder, Surveillance Secure Colorado has the technology you need to secure your premises. We provide customized security solutions to support your operational efficiency and keep your customers safe.

Our security professionals handle all aspects of your surveillance camera installation, along with ongoing support professional monitoring services should you need them. With our expertise, you’ll never be left without the system maintenance and insight you need to reliably secure your facility.

Upgrade to a Touchless Access Control System

We offer a variety of access control measures from simple key card systems to Bluetooth and biometric access control.

Keypads and other access control interfaces have quickly become a hub for germs during our current pandemic. If your facility is located in a remote area where consistent cleaning isn’t feasible or have concerns about an access control system that requires physical contact, we make it easy to upgrade to touchless access control solutions.

With touchless access control, you eliminate the need for people to regularly touch a shared keypad. Instead, people can simply swipe a device, or you can combine your access control system with facial recognition analytics to remotely grant access once the system has verified a person’s identity.

No matter what system you have in mind, we make dependable and efficient access control a reality for your Boulder business!

Secure Your Perimeter With the Right Technology

Each facility is unique, and no two commercial security systems will be alike. For areas where power is an issue, we offer solar-powered cameras with wireless transmission. These cameras contain a backup battery and can reliably transmit video for remote viewing.

For temporary job sites, we feature mobile cameras that can easily be transported when the job is done. Should your facility work with corrosive or potentially explosive materials, our explosion-protected devices ensure your monitoring solutions are still intact even if there’s an incident.

Have a facility where lighting is a concern? Our thermal cameras use infrared technology to sense trespassers even in low-light and no-light conditions. Thermal cameras are also excellent solutions for touchless temperature screening for people entering your facility in an effort to identify individuals that could be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or another illness.

Let us customize your surveillance measures to deliver increased security with the features you need for your Boulder business!

We’re Your Local Commercial Security Professionals in Boulder

For all your business security systems in Boulder, we’ve got you covered at Surveillance Secure Colorado. Contact our security professionals to schedule a consultation to discuss how the right technology can support your business for even greater success!


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