Professional-Grade Surveillance System Solutions for Aurora

Whether your Aurora business has an existing security system that needs an upgrade or you need a completely new design and installation, Surveillance Secure Colorado can help. Our security professionals deliver comprehensive solutions ranging from door access control systems to commercial security cameras.

Our team partners with your business to determine your primary security concerns as well as your business goals. The right security technology can support your business objectives, and we help you implement the solutions you need to run your business safely and efficiently in Aurora!

Business Security Systems for a Variety of Industries

Surveillance Secure Colorado works with a range of industries to implement contemporary security solutions. Whether you have a healthcare facility, school campus, or a retirement community, we deliver the insight you need to choose the most appropriate technology for your applications.

We also work with:

  • Churches and other religious institutions
  • Cannabis dispensaries and growhouses
  • Government facilities
  • Ports and marinas
  • Retail businesses

You can trust our experience and advanced technology to make the most sense for your business. Whether you’re interested in intelligent video analytics, access control, or security cameras in Aurora, we help you design and execute the best system to support your goals.

Commercial Key Fob Door Entry Systems and More

Access control solutions have a simple goal: to protect a facility or specific areas within that facility from unauthorized access. But anyone who’s implemented an access control system before knows that the deployment and management of these systems is rarely simple.

When you have so many people accessing your building at different times, proper programming is key. But what happens when key fobs are lost, programmed incorrectly, or forgetful employees leave a passcode written down in plain sight? Security is compromised.

This is where advanced access control solutions make the most sense. From facial recognition analytics to Bluetooth measures, we make it easy for your facility to maintain a secure and uncomplicated access control system. From systems that utilize a combination of access control methods to singular solutions, we make it possible to take advantage of the right system for you.

We also offer touch-free solutions for businesses in Aurora wanting to reduce areas that staff needs to constantly disinfect. Combine your access control with automatic doors and you’ll have fewer areas to clean and reduce your facility’s risk for harboring COVID germs.

We’re Your Business Security Professionals in Aurora

Your business in Aurora can flourish with the right security system. Protect your assets and keep your employees and customers safe with contemporary access control, surveillance cameras, and intelligent analytics. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Colorado to set up a consultation to learn more about our business security systems!


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