Traffic Analytics

Increase response time to accidents and identify traffic patterns with traffic analytics for your cameras from Surveillance Secure Colorado.

With traffic analytics for your surveillance system, you can not only monitor traffic in real-time, but quickly recognize accidents, disabled vehicles, or unauthorized vehicles on private roadways. Our technology empowers you to monitor traffic patterns and leverage this information for more efficient traffic flow and security.

You won’t need any hardware to integrate traffic analytics into your system, which helps reduce distraction from drivers and also keeps your system maintenance expenses at a minimum. At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we provide continuing support to ensure your systems are always working as intended, reducing your liability and improving security.

Collect Essential Data About Traffic to Improve Efficiency and Security

Traffic analytics do more than just monitor your roadways in Denver or Colorado Springs. With intelligent analytics for traffic, you can detect the following vehicle elements:

  • Speed. Determine the speed for that particular area as well as congestion. With this information, you can determine the best places for new roadway signs and more.
  • Obstacles. Quickly identify and remove obstacles in the road, or have your team redirect traffic based on obstructions that could cause accidents.
  • Disabled vehicles. You can respond to incidents to help keep roadways clear by detecting disabled vehicles and dispatching personnel as needed.
  • Slowed or stopped traffic. Ensure entryways and roadways are clear for workspaces or construction work. You can also identify the best time for roadwork and other maintenance by analyzing traffic patterns.
  • Accidents. Rapidly respond to accidents and call for help in real-time, reducing further accidents and keeping traffic moving.

You also have the ability to enforce carpool lanes and bus lanes with this technology. Our traffic analytics allow you to predict traffic, identify when congestion is building and encourage people to consider another route, and even improve safety of pedestrians by analyzing driver behavior in specific areas.

Can Traffic Analytics Benefit Your Applications?

Let us integrate intelligent traffic analytics into your cameras to monitor roadways and keep an eye on vulnerable traffic areas in Denver and Colorado Springs. Our experienced team at Surveillance Secure Colorado can assist with your security technology whether you own a business or need to monitor a major roadway. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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