Suspicious Behavior

Our intelligent video analytics allow you to identify suspicious activity and respond in real-time to prevent incidents and keep your premises safe.

With technology from our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado, you can configure your surveillance system to automatically identify suspicious or unusual behavior on your property. With our real-time analytics, automatic notifications alerts your team when there’s activity in a restricted area, loitering, or other unusual behavior that could signify a threat.

Video surveillance provides valuable evidence after an event. However, intelligent analytics take your surveillance to the next level by allowing you to actively monitor your property for suspect behavior. With these camera additions, you can potentially avoid an incident or disaster that could jeopardize everyone’s safety.

Improve Operations and Security With Suspicious Behavior Analytics

Suspicious activity has some overlaps across organizations, but it won’t be the same for every business. Our security professionals identify what unusual behavior looks like for your specific company. We can program your camera analytics with this information, identifying boundaries where activity is prohibited and setting notifications for loitering in usual areas.

With automatic notifications for quick response time, you can reduce false alarms and instead address genuine threats. We can even integrate your systems so that when unusual activity is detected, your system will automatically flash lights or activate speakers to deter trespassers.

Your system also allows you to have insight into where an alarm was triggered and what activity is happening. You can always be aware of what’s going on at your facility with suspicious behavior analytics.

Suspicious behavior software for your cameras also allows you to track suspicious activity and identify patterns to prevent threats. You can identify high-risk areas and adjust your security measures accordingly.

We can fully customize your system based on your location and concerns. For instance, if you have particular areas of interest, we configure your system to look out for specific behaviors and analyze your video in real-time.

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