License Plate Recognition

Quickly identify flagged vehicles or authorized visitors with license plate recognition software to keep your property secure and simplify your access control methods.

License plate recognition supports access control measures for parking lots, parking garages, and even restricted roadways. With our intelligent analytics, you can create a database where certain vehicles are marked as approved or unapproved to streamline your access control efforts.

You can also identify suspicious or flagged vehicles and have your security team respond appropriately or notify emergency personnel as necessary. With our analytics, you can even track vehicles in specific areas on your premises to keep an eye on visitors.

We Work With You to Implement License Plate Recognition Analytics

Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado works with a variety of facilities in Denver and Colorado Springs to implement license plate recognition technology. We work with residential buildings, parking lots, government organizations, airports, and school parking lots.

We know that your security concerns are unique based on your clientele, your location, and your operations. That’s why our experienced team works with you to leverage the right solutions, whether you need to integrate these analytics into your existing system or consider a new setup to better fit your needs.

How Can License Plate Analytics Help You?

There are many benefits of license plate recognition analytics for your security needs, including:


Our team can successfully integrate these analytics into your security system’s remote management features, allowing you to remotely monitor and control access to parking lots and garages. We can even integrate your license plate database with your surveillance cameras and access control, meaning the system will automatically grant or deny access based on license plate identification. Your system can also utilize data from external databases to rapidly identify flagged vehicles.

Searchable Factors

Search for different factors whether you’re looking for a specific date, time, or direction of a vehicle on your property. You can also search for certain characters, state-specific plates, and more. The best part is that you won’t need a proper light source, as our technology can identify a vehicle’s license plates even in conditions with minimal lighting. Our technology makes it simple to find what you’re looking for and retain video evidence for when you need it.

Adaptable Technology

With license plate recognition technology, your intelligent analytics can adapt as license plates change. This means that even if a state’s license plates are updated, you won’t have to invest in new technology or costly system upgrades to continue to utilize your analytics. Our cost-effective solutions support your business’ long-term goals and enhance security for your location.

Start Taking Advantage of License Plate Recognition

Can license plate recognition technology benefit your particular facility in Denver or Colorado Springs? Get in touch with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado today to schedule a consultation with our team and find out more about the advantages of license plate recognition!


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