Gunshot Detection

With gunshot detection software, you can save precious seconds and accelerate your response time in an emergency, acting fast to mitigate a threat and get people to safety.

Surveillance Secure Colorado integrates gunshot detection technology into your existing surveillance system, meaning you can almost instantaneously identify gunshots and send out emergency personnel.

Gun violence has threatened lives at all types of facilities ranging from government agencies to university campuses and commercial offices. Chaos often ensues once a shooter opens fire, and people understandably scramble for cover instead of reaching out to emergency personnel.

In the event that an active shooter scenario happens at your facility, don’t wait to take action—act now with gunshot detection analytics. Our technology verifies when a gunshot has happened and immediately notifies your security team or the police for quick action.

Why Gunshot Detection?

Gunshot detection is an invaluable resource for facilities prone to violence. The system registers the sound, sends it out for verification, and can automatically issue alerts to your facility or dispatch police, all in just seconds.’

With gunshot detection, you can:

  • Alleviate chaos. In an active shooter scenario, people understandably panic. By the time your security team knows what’s going on, minutes have passed and the situation has worsened. Save time by getting emergency responders to the scene as soon as possible to mitigate the threat and protect your premises, reducing chaos and establishing order.
  • Get people to safety. Set up automatic notifications in your system that direct people to safety based on the source of the sound. Your gunshot detection system can even be configured to notify security personnel and emergency responders of crucial data such as what type of weapon was fired and the potential location of the shooter on your property.
  • Monitor interior and exterior areas. We can incorporate your gunshot detection analytics into an interior or exterior surveillance system at your location. We help you identify areas that are more vulnerable or more likely to be targeted by gun violence and set up technology accordingly, helping you make the most of your system to protect your premises.

Instead of waiting to figure out a solution after shots have been fired, you can actively plan for a shooter scenario and implement safety procedures for your entire facility. With this technology, you have the potential to quickly mitigate a threat and save lives.

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