Fire & Smoke Detection

Detect smoke and fire before your smoke alarms to save vital seconds and prevent catastrophic damages.

Fire and smoke detection video analytics empower your business to reduce emergencies and false alarms. Don’t wait for your smoke detector or sprinklers to sense a fire and react after the damage has already been done. With our intelligent analytics, your system automatically detects smoke and fire and alerts your team in real-time.

With our technology at Surveillance Secure Colorado, we help you keep your commercial business in Denver or Colorado Springs safe. Conventional systems often sense a fire too late, or fail to alert you until the fire has escalated to the point that your only option is to contact emergency responders.

Why Fire and Smoke Detection?

Taking advantage of fire and smoke detection technology enhances your existing surveillance system and makes it easy for you proactively monitor your facility for overheating. With our analytics, you can:

  • Accurately detect threats in manufacturing environments. Our systems are ideal for manufacturing environments that work with harsh chemicals or have considerable dust and dirt, which can trigger false alarms and cause panic and disruption to your operations. Fortunately, our intelligent technology can determine whether or not smoke is actually present and alert you accordingly.
  • React faster to reduce damage and save lives. You’ll have the ability to react faster to an actual threat, giving you time to address smoke before it becomes a fire, contact emergency responders, or reduce damage from a fire. Our analytics allow you to determine the heat source and work to mitigate the threat before it becomes an emergency.
  • Combine technology for comprehensive solutions. We can even combine fire and smoke detection technology with thermal imaging to determine overheating components or threats even before smoke, making your system even more proactive for improved security and asset protection.

Save inventory, reduce disruption to productivity, and, most importantly, protect lives with our fire and smoke detection software in Denver and Colorado Springs. Our team can enhance your existing prevention system and save staff efforts for when they really matter with our technology.

Improve Safety of Your Commercial Facility Today

We’re here to help you secure your facility by reducing false alarms yet heightening your ability to accurately detect smoke and fire. Whether you have a manufacturing facility, school, or office, fire and smoke detection can benefit a range of commercial properties. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Colorado to learn more about our fire and smoke detection analytics!


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