Facial Recognition & Capture

Instantly capture and recognize faces in your database with facial recognition analytics from our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

With our inconspicuous analytics software, your security system can accurately identify faces and catalogue them in a database for identification later. Whether you have individuals that pose a threat to your facility or need to monitor people who have previously had an elevated body temperature with COVID-19 concerns, facial recognition and capture can help.

Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado can integrate facial recognition and capture into your existing security cameras or help you design a new system for your facility in Denver or Colorado Springs.

Facial recognition technology can even be integrated with your access control system to deny entry to specific persons, or alert your security team without notifying the individual of their flagged presence.

Could Your Facility Benefit From Facial Recognition Technology?

Whether you have a government facility or a retail store, a variety of commercial facilities can benefit from facial recognition and capture technology.

Our security professionals work with public buildings such as school, government, airports, and transportation facilities to incorporate facial recognition analytics. We also work with banks, workplaces, and many other organizations that want to take advantage of these intelligent analytics.

A growing concern for commercial businesses is identifying individuals who may exhibit symptoms of COVID-19. By combining thermal imaging technology with facial recognition analytics, you can quickly identify body temperature and catalogue individuals who may pose a risk to your facility.

We Work With You to Preconfigure Your Software for Maximum Benefits

If your organization has an existing surveillance system, our professionals can usually incorporate intelligent analytics into your technology. This means you won’t need to invest in a completely new system just to take advantage of analytics such as facial recognition technology.

Have a high-traffic facility? You can still utilize facial recognition technology, even incorporating the analytics into numerous entryways for maximum benefits. Our cutting-edge equipment allows you to rapidly identify even a large number of people for accelerated response time and improved security.

In addition to the system’s automatic notification settings, you can quickly access and search the database to identify specific people. With our technology, you’ll be able to search particular areas for faces. You’ll also have all the data your surveillance cameras offer, such as the times and dates the person was detected on your premises.

Let Us Help You Implement the Perfect Solution

Surveillance Secure Colorado works with you to leverage the power of video analytics for your particular applications and support your surveillance goals in Denver and Colorado Springs. Get in touch with our security experts today to find out more about facial recognition analytics for your specific needs!


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