Character Recognition

Make your operations more efficient with character recognition technology from our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

Support your transportation operations with character identification with our intelligent analytics, which can make it easy to recognize characters even as items are in transport.

With our imaging technology, your surveillance camera can not only read characters, but keep accurate records of these characters in a database. For both numbers and letters, our solutions make it easy to keep track of your shipping containers for your records.

You’ll also have the ability to review images to better see characters, not just in recorded view but also in real-time. Our automated processes help reduce burden on your staff while still verifying cargo and keeping accurate records.

Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado can also help you make lists for preapproved characters to make identifying errors easier, which can reduce your liability and make it easy to flag incorrect characters or containers to reduce mistakes.

We can also integrate your access control system with character recognition analytics in addition to your traditional surveillance system. Our security professionals help you leverage this technology to your best advantage, so all your cargo is accounted for and the system alerts your staff to any errors in real-time.

Meet With Us to Find Out More

Give us a call at Surveillance Secure Colorado to find out more about the advantages of character recognition for your particular applications in Denver or Colorado Springs. We help you streamline your business operations while keeping records of your containers and ensuring everything is where it’s supposed to be. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today!


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