Our intelligent video analytics at Surveillance Secure Colorado support your surveillance goals and turn your video footage into meaningful data for improved security.

With video analytics, you turn your video feed from recorded evidence to actionable data in real-time. Our technology gives you the option to integrate analytics into your existing surveillance system for improved response time and security.

Here’s how it works: analytics examine your video as it’s recording to identify security threats using technology such as facial recognition software, fire and smoke detection, license plate recognition, and more. You can preconfigure alerts to notify your team in the event of a security threat, which helps you proactively mitigate risks and keep your facility safe.

When you work with us for your camera analytics at Surveillance Secure Colorado, we help you identify your goals and specific events of concern. By leveraging the right analytics for your surveillance system, you proactively protect your premises instead of dealing with the consequences of an event after it’s already occurred.

From upgraded systems to brand-new infrastructures, you can take advantage of video analytics to enhance your security in Denver and Colorado Springs. Our intelligent video analytics include:

Facial Recognition & Capture

Our software essentially “reads” faces and captures them to store in a database for your facility. Your team then has the ability to rapidly identify prohibited visitors and criminals, or to utilize this technology to identify previous persons who may have had an elevated body temperature.

Gunshot Detection

With networked audio, you can proactively monitor your facility for gunshots from any type of firearm. Upon identifying the sound, you can program your system to immediately dispatch emergency personnel or trigger a facility-wide alarm alerting your staff, students, or residents of the danger.

Suspicious Behavior

Preprogram your system to detect any unusual behavior or loitering at your facility based on your specifications. When any suspicious activity is detected, your system can automatically alert security personnel, minimizing the need for your team to be in one area 24/7 and reducing risk.

POS Transaction Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your cash registers, employees, and customers at your retail locations to quickly identify any unusual activity or immediately be notified about an usual charge or when an employee is using the register without a customer present.

License Plate Recognition

Whether you have a parking lot, parking garage, or roadway you need to monitor, license plate recognition allows you to catalogue permitted vehicles for quick entry or flag specific vehicles for suspicious activity, or keep an eye on highways for wanted vehicles.

Traffic Analytics

Identify traffic patterns or rapidly identify traffic jams or accidents to respond to emergencies and alert personnel to redirect traffic or call for help as needed. Traffic analytics can be used for highways, restricted roadways, airport traffic, and more.

Character & Code Recognition

Eliminate the need for your team to manually identify every container or cargo load with our character and code recognition technology. You can confirm numbers via an automated system and record data, conserving staff efforts for your core objectives.

Fire & Smoke Detection

Instantly become alerted to smoke or fire in your facility even before smoke detectors or sprinklers have a chance to respond, saving valuable seconds and giving you a chance to call emergency personnel and respond to the issue as soon as possible.


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