Perimeter Controls & Sensors

Always be aware of activity on your property with discreet perimeter controls and sensors with real-time notifications and alerts.

Perimeter sensors are a must for facilities that need to safeguard their property. With perimeter controls, you can detect movement anywhere on your property near your facility, whether or not lighting conditions are ideal.

Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to secure your perimeters discreetly and efficiently in Denver and Colorado Springs. Resistant to tampering and designed to reduce false alarms, our UWB perimeter security helps you immediately detect approaching threats to maintain a higher level of safety.

Technology That Can Sense Movement Anywhere

Concerned about the geographic location of your business and its perimeter? Challenges that would normally impede surveillance cameras are overcome with UWB equipment. This technology can sense a person moving through a wall, ceiling, construction debris, and whatever else a person may be hiding behind.

With UWB for your perimeter sensors, you can even determine how far away a person is and their approximate size. The system won’t respond to animals, trash, or debris that could trigger a conventional system and lead to a false alarm.

No Light Needed for Your Technology

Your perimeter control solutions with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado don’t need proper lighting to sense movement. In the middle of the night, during a storm, or in broad daylight, you’ll know when the perimeter has been crossed. 

Our team works with you to strategically place these sensors to help minimize the chances that anyone would tamper with them. Many criminals are looking for physical surveillance cameras rather than perimeter controls when it comes to security, allowing you to take advantage of discreet solutions and catch trespassers off-guard.

We Work With All Types of Facilities

The right security solution won’t be the same for every facility. Our security professionals are well-versed in customizing our technology to meet your challenges. Facilities that need additional security measures besides cameras and access control can benefit from perimeter controls, such as government facilities, construction sites, or jails and prisons. 

No matter where you’re located, we can help reduce your liability, protect your assets, and see threats well before they have a chance to enter your field of view. With perimeter controls and sensors, you add another layer of protection to your surveillance system that can augment your existing solutions for a proactive approach.

Let’s Get Started on Your Next Project

When you’re considering perimeter controls and sensors for your commercial facility in Denver or Colorado Springs, schedule a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado to discuss your particular challenges and needs today!


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