Keycard & Keyfob Systems

Take advantage of secure access control measures for your facility with keycards and key fobs for employees, residents, students, and more.

Access control is an essential security measure for businesses, hospitals, and residential buildings today. With keycards and key fobs, you can restrict entry to your facility to only authorized people while restricting access to those without a “key”.

Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado helps you design and implement an access control system to restrict entry to your facility or areas within your facility. Our systems provide flexible solutions, whether you need a single method of entry or a combination of methods to attain the right security for your premises.

Access Control Design and Integration

By assessing your risk and identifying all entry points—including those to restricted areas—our team helps you design an effective access control system for your needs. We offer touchless access control with keycards and fobs, which allow people to simply “swipe” their device in front of a reader to gain entry, minimizing the physical contact people have with your system.

We can also integrate your surveillance cameras with your access control system. With an integrated arrangement, you can use one security system in combination with the other. For example, should your security cameras see an unauthorized visitor gain access to a keycard, you can override the system to prevent entry while you disable the card.

Benefits of Keycard and Key Fob Access for Your Facility

There are many benefits to utilizing an access control system with a keycard or key fob, including:

  • No worries about lost keys. Should a resident or employee ever lose their card or fob, you can simply deactivate the device, rendering it useless should anyone else locate it.
  • Set specific times and restrictions. With keycards and fobs, you can program each device to a specific employee or contractor. For instance, you can set specific dates that a fob will work for a contractor, or restrict building access times for employees. Everything is easy to manage from your interface, allowing you to make changes as needed.
  • Better security. Unlike a traditional door key, keycards and fobs are difficult to replicate, meaning no one can simply “copy” the key to gain access to your facility.
  • Great for more than just doors. Keycards and fobs can be utilized with motorized gates, parking garages, and residential amenities to better secure your premises.

Not sure if keycards or fobs are the right access control measures for your facility? Let our team assess your needs and work with you to determine the most advantageous and secure system for your needs!

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Find out if our access control solutions with keycards and fobs can benefit your particular facility in Denver or Colorado Springs. We handle all your access control needs from design and installation to system integration and maintenance. Schedule a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado to find out more!


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