Bluetooth Access Control

Convenient and secure access control solutions with Bluetooth technology from our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

When you’re considering access control for your facility in Denver or Colorado Springs, Bluetooth could be the right system for you. With Bluetooth technology, authorized people can gain access to your facility simply through their mobile device.

You won’t need to keep track of keycards and key fobs, and employees, residents, or contractors won’t need to keep track of a separate device to enter the building. Bluetooth access control solutions provide the flexibility many commercial facilities need today, as you can activate or deactivate the program through which they gain access as needed.

The Advantages of Bluetooth Access Control

Bluetooth access control solutions can benefit many types of properties. From residential apartment complexes to healthcare facilities and warehouses, using a mobile device for access can be a simple and secure way to control who enters your facility.

Touchless Security SolutionsWhen you use Bluetooth for your access control solutions, you can:

  • Allow people to have access to multiple locations without worrying about different key systems.
  • Have no more worries about lost keycards or fobs.
  • Implement a touch-free solution for door access.
  • Take advantage of two-factor authentication via a PIN number if you choose.
  • Have the ability to adjust the range at which the phone is read for authentication (such as for use in parking garages or at gates).

These access control systems have a range of customizations that our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado can assist you with. As Bluetooth access control grows in popularity, we can help you decide if this method is the right choice for your facility.

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