Biometric Access Control

Our state-of-the-art biometric access control measures help you utilize biometrics as a standalone system or in combination with other methods to fully secure your facility.

For when you need a higher level of security, biometric access control is the answer. Surveillance Secure Colorado can design a new access control system or integrate biometrics into an existing system to meet your security needs. Our technology allows you to customize an access control system that reads fingerprints, identifies facial features, or scans irises.

Utilizing a database of authorized visitors, your biometric access control doesn’t need a keycard or fob to authorize someone to access your facility at a specific time. You can still set restrictions just as you would with a keycard or fob, but you won’t need to actively manage any devices with biometrics.

When Biometric Access Control Is the Best Choice

While not every facility in Denver or Colorado Springs will need biometric access control, this type of technology is essential for businesses and government agencies looking to:

  • Reduce risk by doing away with keys and passcodes.
  • Comply with specific requirements for security and access control.
  • Increase security by identifying authorized personnel through physical characteristics.
  • Decrease liability for sensitive or restricted areas with valuable information or equipment.

Biometrics were once uncommon, but are quickly becoming the access control method of choice for organizations that need a better way to control their risk and safeguard valuable assets or data.

Is a Combination System Right for You?

For facilities that need enhanced security, you can utilize more than one biometric access control feature or utilize them in combination with traditional access control methods.

For example, you can utilize fingerprint and facial recognition technology to authorize entry, or, you can use iris scans, fingerprints, and a Bluetooth or keycard for a person to gain entry to a facility or a specific area within your building.

Our technology is flexible, meaning you can always scale back to a single method or increase security to two or more methods when needed. With our ongoing maintenance and support, you can count on Surveillance Secure Colorado to be there for all your developing access control needs.

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We work with all types of facilities in Denver and Colorado Springs that need an advanced level of security with biometric access control. Contact us today to discover more about biometrics for your access control and if they’re the best choice for your particular needs!


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