Access Control

Only allow authorized entry into your facility with comprehensive access control measures from our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

With our convenient yet strategized access control technology, you can secure your building from unauthorized visitors and restrict access to sensitive areas within your facility. No matter what your access control needs are, our team fully assesses your risk and helps you implement the technology you need for successful solutions.

From basic keycards and fobs to biometric and Bluetooth access control, we provide standalone solutions or combination technology to secure your facility according to your needs. We can even integrate your surveillance and access control measures for enhanced efficiency and security.

We Work With a Variety of Facilities to Implement Successful Access Control Measures

Almost every facility in Denver and Colorado Springs can benefit from some form of access control. For many institutions, access control is a necessity. We work with organizations such as:

  • Schools and campuses
  • Warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Retirement homes
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Retail locations
  • Cannabis operators
  • Government facilities
  • Apartment buildings

Even if you already have an existing access control system, we can assist you with updates, integration, and more. Our technology is designed to grow with your business and accommodate changes, whether you need to limit employee access or restrict new areas within your facility.

Our systems include:

Keycard & Key Fob

Designed to accommodate all your entry points including interior and exterior access, keycards and fobs are programmable for your needs and can restrict certain doors and even the time someone can access the facility.

Biometric Solutions

Our biometric access control is designed to be one of the strictest means for preventing unauthorized access. Choose from facial recognition analytics, fingerprints, or iris scans to help ensure only the right people enter highly sensitive facilities or restricted areas.

Perimeter Controls & Sensors

We offer technology to secure your perimeters including surveillance cameras, thermal imaging, and invisible trigger points for when a perimeter has been crossed. Combined with real-time notifications, your staff will always be informed about unusual movement on your property.

Bluetooth Access Control Solutions

For touch-free access control, Bluetooth allows your staff or residents to use their smartphone to gain access to a facility. There’s no need for keycards or fobs, making this form of access control ideal for apartment buildings or office facilities that need convenient access control solutions.

Electronic Gates & Parking Barriers

Design & installation of commercial electronic gates, vehicle and parking barriers and entrance turnstiles.


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