Upgrade your school’s security with customized, professional solutions. We work with educational facilities at all levels to deliver adaptable, proactive surveillance to protect staff and students.

Schools of all grade levels are the target of violence today. Even if your campus has never experienced an incident before, don’t wait until it’s too late. At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we develop comprehensive security plans for pre-school facilities to college campuses.

Our surveillance technology helps you meet the challenges of unanticipated violence or an active shooter scenario on your campus in Denver or Colorado Springs. Surveillance can also help you prevent abductions and ensure your students and your staff are safe when on your property.

When You Need Surveillance Technology for Your Campus

It’s not enough to have safety drills established for students and faculty in an emergency. Too often, threats are identified only after they’re already happening, and it’s too late for people to begin performing emergency protocol.

Fortunately, our surveillance technology can help you be as proactive as possible about threats, working quickly to save lives in an emergency situation. Our professionals identify vulnerable areas in your facility, including entry and exit points, and work with you to develop a system that actively monitors your campus to identify the moment that something goes wrong.

Analytics for Rapid Response to a Developing Crisis

Surveillance Secure Colorado provides intelligent analytics that support proactive measures in a crisis. These analytics can be incorporated into your surveillance system for streamlined solutions, helping you respond in real-time to actual threats and prevent false alarms.

Our intelligent analytics can help you:

  • Identify suspicious behavior. If someone is loitering on your property or otherwise acting suspiciously, our analytics can detect this and notify your security team to investigate the situation.
  • Detect gunshots. Our gunshot detection technology can immediately tell if shots have been fired and dispatch emergency personnel, saving crucial seconds in a crisis. Gunshot detection analytics can also tell the type of weapon fired and the location of the shooter.
  • License plate recognition. Identify unknown vehicles or flagged license plates in your system with license plate recognition technology for your school’s parking lots.
  • Actively sense smoke or fires. Don’t wait for smoke or a fire to escalate to the point that lives are threatened. Smoke and fire detection analytics immediately notify your security team of a problem and can dispatch personnel if necessary.

Our analytics are designed to be incorporated into your existing surveillance system, or, you can upgrade your technology to maximize security with our solutions.

Access Control to Protect Your Community

Educational facilities and college campuses in Denver and Colorado Springs can benefit from access control to keep unauthorized vehicles or visitors out. When your schoolgrounds utilize rigorous access control measures, you prevent suspicious persons from trespassing and help keep your community safe.

During your consultation with us, we help you identify the right access control system for your needs. Whether you have a small elementary school or a huge university campus, we have the technology you need to leverage the best access control measures for your property.

All of our surveillance solutions have the ability to be remotely accessed and are easy to operate, allowing you to respond quickly and appropriately to developing crisis situations.

Find Out More During Your Consultation

Let’s review your school’s security setup to maximize safety and efficiency for everyone. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Colorado today to learn more about our technology and ongoing support to protect your campus!


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