Retirement Homes

Keep your retirement community safe including staff and clients with contemporary surveillance solutions from our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado.

If you operate a retirement home or assisted living facility in Denver or Colorado Springs, safety is a critical objective. Whether you need to secure entries and exits, monitor at-risk residents, or restrict certain areas within your retirement community, our team helps you meet your goals.

Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado offers state-of-the-art surveillance and access control technology to enhance the safety of your retirement facility. With affordable solutions and ongoing support, we design a comprehensive system based on your specific needs to overcome your challenges.

Retain Privacy Yet Ensure Safety With Our Camera Options

While keeping your residents safe is essential, privacy is also a concern for people looking for a home for their parent or loved one. We understand the need to keep patients with unique psychological and physical challenges protected, yet offer privacy during their stay.

To better help meet your security objectives while protecting privacy and holding staff accountable, our team offers:

  • Thermal imaging. This technology allows you to monitor patients to react quickly to falls or accidents while at the same time not seeing anything of detail to protect their privacy.
  • Covert surveillance. For when you have concerns about staff morale or inventory of expensive equipment and restricted items such as medication, covert surveillance can help you get to the bottom of missing or damaged items.
  • Intelligent analytics. Our cameras can be integrated with license plate recognition, facial recognition, suspicious behavior, and fire and smoke detection to keep your facility well-informed of developing crises to safeguard everyone in your community.
  • 24/7 monitoring solutions. With a retirement or assisted living facility, patient emergencies happen. Let our trained team monitor your video feed so we can dispatch personnel immediately if there’s an issue, allowing your staff to devote their full attention to patient care while support is on the way.

During your free consultation with us, we work with you to design a plan for your specific facility based on your budget and level of care for residents.

Access Control to Keep Both Staff and Patients Protected

The access points at your senior community are some of the most vulnerable areas. Keeping unauthorized guests out but allowing quick entry for staff is essential, as is keeping patients from wandering out of unmonitored exits.

We work with you to identify all access points and secure them appropriately. From restricted areas within your facility to staff and patient access points, we help you take advantage of the right solutions for your retirement community in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Your access control system can be designed for keycard, key fob, biometric, or Bluetooth access. Your surveillance feed can also be combined with your access control system so you can manage everything from one interface for simplified security.

Show Your Community You Prioritize Safety

Let us help you overcome the unique challenges of your retirement home or assisted living facility with our contemporary surveillance solutions. Show your community and potential residents that you prioritize safety with the right surveillance plan. Contact us today at Surveillance Secure Colorado!


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