Surveillance Secure Colorado helps you protect your assets and streamline your business operations with retail surveillance solutions.

It’s no longer an option to run a retail business in Denver or Colorado Springs without some type of security. Theft from both employees and customers is common, not to mention vandalism and trespassing. Keeping your business safe and protecting your investment is possible with the right surveillance technology.

At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we work with a diverse range of businesses to help identify the most advantageous and cost-effective surveillance setup for you. Whether you need technology to reduce your liability and have evidence or to help identify areas for improvement at your location, we can help.

Meet Your Goals and Protect Your Assets

Is your business running as efficiently as it could be, or do you repeatedly experience issues of theft, missing inventory, or customer disputes? If so, it’s time to invest in a surveillance setup that can help you meet your business’ goals and protect your assets.

As experienced security professionals, we work with businesses in Denver and Colorado Springs to meet goals such as:

  • Monitoring point-of-sale (POS) transactions
  • Keep employees safe when working early or late hours
  • Preventing both employee and customer theft
  • Help resolve customer disagreements
  • Retain evidence for any incidents that occur on your property

You can even identify areas for improvement, such as where customer traffic consistently presents an issue or employees tend to linger. Security cameras support more than just safety when it comes to retail applications!

We Also Offer Intelligent Analytics for Your Surveillance

Our security professionals offer intelligent analytics that can be directly incorporated into your existing surveillance system at your retail location.

Choose from analytics such as facial recognition to detect customers who have previously shoplifted, suspicious activity such as loitering, and even fire and smoke detection to trigger notifications before your merchandise has a chance to become damaged.

No matter what your goals are, our team can develop a customized, cost-effective system for your business. We also offer continuing support for your technology so you can keep your retail location safe and successful.

Restrict Areas With Simplified Access Control Solutions

It’s understandable that you’d want to restrict specific areas of your retail location. You can keep customers and unauthorized employees out of sensitive areas, such as where inventory, information, or cash is stored.

Access control creates a simplified solution to allow easy entry to those with a keycard, key fob, or Bluetooth scanner while keeping prohibited visitors out and securing your property from theft, liability issues, and other damage.

Are Your Retail Locations Secure?

Our team works with you to identify your security objectives for your business and keep everyone safe. If your retail locations are lacking the right security, we make it easy to adapt your existing systems or upgrade to new technology based on what you need. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our security professionals at Surveillance Secure Colorado!


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