We help you secure your port or marina in Denver or Colorado Springs to protect cargo, personnel, and marine vessels with our modern surveillance technology.

Ports and marinas can be targets for illegal activity such as theft, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and vandalism. To help prevent criminals from targeting your port or marina in Denver and Colorado Springs, Surveillance Secure Colorado helps you effectively monitor your shipyards to protect your cargo and vessels.

Our team works with you to identify areas of concern at your port or marina and develop a comprehensive security plan to meet your goals. We provide a range of surveillance solutions, from cameras to intelligent analytics to video storage to help you meet your security objectives in these challenging environments.

Secure Your Ports and Marinas With Our Professional Solutions

When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Colorado, we help you effectively secure your port or marina by:

  • Offering 24/7 surveillance. Let us keep an eye on things while you take care of business. Having a set of trained eyes on your feed at all times can prevent theft and emergencies because we act in real-time based on our observations.
  • Discourage criminal activity. Not only does having surveillance help deter criminals, but knowing that the feed is actively monitored can make criminals reconsider their target at your port or marina.
  • Retaining evidence for a crime. If a crime was committed on your property or you have reason to suspect foul play, you’ll have clear video evidence to support charges or damage reimbursement requests in court.

We also offer intelligent analytics for your surveillance system which help you identify license plates, recognize faces, and incorporate fire and smoke detection to keep your port or marina safe and turn your video into invaluable data.

Invest in Weatherproof Surveillance for Reliable Monitoring

Ports and marinas can be challenging settings to monitor with surveillance cameras because of lack of power sources, remote locations, and harsh conditions due to water and salt in the air.

Fortunately, we offer technology that can withstand the elements for reliable surveillance of your port or marina. With self-contained units, you won’t need extensive and costly wiring to set up your video surveillance. Instead, your surveillance cameras will be easier to maintain and you can even opt to monitor your feed remotely with our modern technology.

How Can We Help You?

Reduce your losses and keep your ports and marinas safe from illegal activity, theft, and vandalism with our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado. Let us design a customized system for a complete solution for your port or marina. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you secure your harbor with cost-effective and dependable technology in Denver or Colorado Springs!


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