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Let us design and integrate customized security solutions to protect your health care facility and keep patients and workers safe.

Health care facilities face ever-growing challenges when caring for patients. Many clinics and hospitals have 24/7 care, meaning your facility is more at risk for threats than health care establishments operating solely during regular business hours.

From protecting the privacy of patients to ensuring medical staff are kept safe, our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado helps you design a system to cater to your specific needs while upholding your care policies.

We Help You Overcome Your Challenges

Surveillance is an evolving need for health care facilities in Denver and Colorado Springs providing a range of services. Hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation facilities are at risk for theft and violence, not to mention disasters such as fires that can threaten the safety of everyone in the building.

These facilities are also at risk for child abduction and missing patients. We can help you better manage your liability and protect the privacy of your patients with the right technology. Our team works closely with you to identify your challenges and developing security needs as the health care industry adapts according to current health threats and epidemics.

Identify Emergencies Before They Happen

Keeping your patients and employees safe while at your medical facility is a priority. But hospitals are rarely simple places. With around-the-clock care, visitors, long-term patients, transfers, and emergencies, medical practices can often be chaotic.

Surveillance can help you protect everyone in your facility, identify threats, and safeguard assets with ease. With fire and smoke detection to address an emergency before it has a chance to take lives and thermal cameras to protect the privacy of patients yet keep them safe, we have the technology you need to meet your security goals.

We also provide integrative solutions so you can effectively manage your surveillance technology from one interface. With unified surveillance measures, you can respond in real-time to incidents as they develop.

Effective Security With Advanced Access Control Solutions

Access control can get complicated when you facility stays open 24/7 and handles all types of patient emergencies. Yet this is when you need security the most. Our team works with you to identify all access areas, including those that are staff-only, to help secure your facility in Denver or Colorado Springs.

Our access control solutions include keycards, key fobs, Bluetooth, and even biometric access control. All of our systems are designed to prevent unauthorized entry to protect your patients, staff, equipment, and medical supply areas. With the right solutions, you can allow staff quick entry but keep patients and visitors out of restricted areas for enhanced safety.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Medical Facility Secure!

Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado knows how important your health care security needs are to everyone in your community. We have the experience and leading-edge technology you need to continually meet your goals and improve safety. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!


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