No matter what surveillance needs your government building has, our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado can help. We work with all levels of government including federal, state, and local to effectively secure your facility.

As threats against government agencies and public figures continue to grow, so do your security needs. At Surveillance Secure Colorado, we’re experienced in overcoming your most complex security challenges whether you operate at the state, local, or federal government level in Denver or Colorado Springs.

Our team features robust access control measures, intelligent analytics, surveillance cameras, and much more to deter crime and threats to keep everyone on your property as safe as possible. With the right technology, you can respond quickly to developing threats and have necessary evidence in a crisis situation.

Customized Surveillance Solutions to Monitor Your Facility

Even if your government facility has an existing surveillance system, we can help you conduct necessary updates and support to keep it fully functional. As your facility changes and expands, our team can help you assess new areas or reassess established ones that need monitoring and cameras.

We help you identify the best areas for your surveillance cameras to keep an eye on all areas of your facility, paying special attention to entry and exit points. With our intelligent analytics such as gunshot detection, license plate recognition, and suspicious activity, we empower your team to quickly identify threats and respond in real-time.

Integrated Access Control to Enhance Security

Access control is a must at government facilities where unauthorized entry is prohibited. Our security professionals can integrate your access control system into your surveillance system, so you can respond appropriately should unauthorized entry be attempted.

With access control, you can keep records of the time and entry point at which your facility was accessed, which can be critical data to have should an incident occur on your property. Your access control measures can include Bluetooth, keycard, and even biometric solutions to help keep your facility safe.

We also offer thermal cameras and perimeter control solutions to accurately detect individuals through roadblocks, walls, and other areas that traditional surveillance isn’t able to cover.

We Support the Following Facilities With Their Security

Our experienced security team at Surveillance Secure Colorado supports the following facilities with all their surveillance needs in Denver and Colorado Springs, including:

  • Courthouses
  • Fire departments
  • Jails, prisons, and other detention facilities
  • National and local parks
  • Police stations
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Airports and bus stations
  • Homeland security
  • And more!

Let Us Design Your Comprehensive System Today

We’re well-versed in meeting the challenges of your local, state, or federal government facility at Surveillance Secure Colorado. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help safeguard your property with the right system!


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