Our team at Surveillance Secure Colorado creates a comprehensive security plan with leading-edge technology for businesses in a diverse range of industries in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Every industry has unique challenges when it comes to security. For businesses across all sectors, having an electronic security system isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Surveillance Secure Colorado designs a complete system to meet your needs, and can integrate your solutions into one interface.

From access control to thermal imaging and intelligent analytics, we know that your business needs truly customized security technology to keep your assets safe. We’re proud to assist businesses and facilities across the following industries for your convenience.

Health Care

Hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation facilities face industry-specific challenges when incorporating security technology. Not only is patient privacy a concern, but you need a way to ensure the safety of patients and staff from unauthorized visitors, abductions, and theft. We help you identify the most advantageous system for your needs while staying in compliance.


Retail locations require surveillance to keep their inventory and storefront safe from theft and vandalism. Yet the right security system can also deliver analytics to help identify areas prone to theft, settle employee-customer disputes, and even keep a close eye on cash registers. A custom-designed surveillance system can protect your investment and capitalize on efficiency.


Unfortunately, schools of all grade levels are targets for violence, vandalism, and abduction. From elementary schools to college campuses, both students and staff need to be protected against threats to their safety. With technology that helps identify at-risk areas, gunshots, and license plates, we help you develop a strategy to act fast in a developing crisis situation to save lives.


Our team helps you design a customized access control and surveillance system to keep your government facility secure and only allow authorized visitors. With real-time technology that allows your team mitigate crises as they happen, we empower you to safely operate your facility in uncertain times when terrorism and other threats are all too common.

Religious Institutions

Religious institutions are not safe from violence or threats. Churches, mosques, and synagogues need security and surveillance solutions to keep worshippers, students, children, and employees safe. Our intelligent analytics can help you identify suspicious behavior or even monitor your parking lot for unusual activity or vehicles that could signal a threat.


Contemporary weatherproof surveillance solutions can help you track and monitor shipments and prevent unlawful activity at ports and marinas. These locations can be the targets of theft, violence, and even drug and human trafficking. Our team can deliver the right technology for your port or marina with reliable, remotely-operated equipment to keep your goods and your on-site team safe.

Retirement Homes

Retirement communities and assisted living facilities face unique security challenges that technology can assist with. Abuse, neglect, missing persons, and theft are some of the common concerns that these facilities have to deal with. To help keep both staff and residents safe, surveillance technology provides the security your community needs without infringing on the privacy your residents deserve.


State surveillance requirements for marijuana growers and cannabis dispensaries are strict. This growing industry is often the target of theft, and deterring crime is essential to protecting your assets and meeting state compliance. We can help you track plants throughout their life, from growing and trimming to harvesting and shipping. From seed to sale, we’ve got you covered.


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